We are an essential services business and open to our members and LE agencies.


The range is accepting new members.  Joining is easy and is done

right here on this web site's Join Here page.  That is followed up with a phone call with one of our Range Officers who will give you a Range Safety Orientation over the phone.


Trial Membership is now available giving you affordable use of the range for 7 days.  See our Membership page

The range is doing our part in slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  

Strong changes in how we operate are now in place to keep you and our staff safe.  See our COVID-19 page.

See the Open Letter to Range Members



 The F.O.P. Range is the coolest family oriented shooting range around.  The F.O.P. Range is located just outside Birmingham, Alabama, in Pleasant Grove.  The Range facility has seven outdoor ranges, each with a covered shooter's area up-range to permit year-round use in all weather.  It is located about 15 minutes from the I-59/65 interchange, making it a short drive from anywhere in the Birmingham area. 

We have over 250 steel plates set up for you to ding on.  Our Centerfire Steel Plate Range is huge with 20 7.5 foot wide shooting stations and 125+ targets at 10 to 25 yards.  Our Rimfire Steel Plate Range also has 175+ steel plates designed for use with 22LR ammo.  Its the best place on the planet to take a kid shooting. (I'm still a kid...)  No other range does this for its members.  Just more reasons to become a member of the best place to shoot.

We have a limited supply of ammo.  We have made our ammo available to our members for their use on the range.  There is a limit of one box per caliber needed.  See the COVID-19 page on this site for more info about the changes implemented to allow us to reopen and remain a viable business.

The range is accepting new members.  It is absolutely the best deal going on having a great place to enjoy your firearms with friends and family. See the range membership info page for details.

Note: Due to COVID19 regulations and restrictions placed upon us, our capacity has been cut in half with every other shooting position roped off to ensure 6 foot social distancing.  Crowding is controlled with a reservation system so call before you come to ensure a shooting space.  A $10 per hour fee and a two tier membership system has also been instated to help offset the losses the range is incurring due to COVID19 and to ensure we are still around on the other side of this pandemic.  See the COVID 19 changes page for more info.  Also take a look at the Open Letter to Members that explains why these changes have been implemented.  The per hour member's fee is planned to sunset the day we can go back to using the space we have.  

The range is as safe a place as we can make it.  All transactions are zero contact.  We don't take cash so plan accordingly.  Each shooting area is regularly disinfected.  Staff will wear PPE when helping you while you are here.  Every other shooting position is closed off to make the required room between shooters.  Please bear with us as we are doing our best to accommodate the demand for use of our facility.  We all look forward to the day when this COVID 19 thing is just a bad memory.   

The MERRY CHRISTMAS Sale is here.

Its a great time to get a gift that someone will enjoy all year long.  Save 10% at checkout by using coupon code MERRYCHRISTMAS.  Call us after checkout with the address you want the gift certificate sent and its done.  See the Daily Specials page for details on prices of all memberships with the discount applied.    


Monthly Memberships Now Available!!

Years ago, we tried monthly membership but it was really tough to administer.  We sat in front of the credit card terminal for hours punching in the numbers.  Now, the process has been automated and we are going to make another go at it.   With the way things are headed in this country, its a good idea to be prepared for anything and polishing up your shooting skills should be on your list.  The pandemic has affected most of our pocketbooks and coming up with the whole amount for a membership has become cost prohibitive for many.  Our monthly membership payment system is the answer.  

Monthly memberships start at only $11 a month and the most expensive is only $25.  Joining is now done through our web site using the Join Here page.  Follow up your checking out with a call to the range to schedule your Range Safety Orientation with a Range Officer, conducted over the phone at a non-peak time, and takes just a few minutes for him to go over the do's and don'ts, how it all works, and answers all your questions.  Its super easy and can have you in and shooting quickly.  

Trial Memberships Now Available!

Trial Memberships are now available.  See the Trial Membership Info page...

*Trial Membership - $25  (to see if it's for you)

*Single Membership - $150

*Family Membership - $200.

*Limited Family Membership - (Mon to Thur access) $100.


Call the range, 9 am to 5 pm, @ 205-744-2600 or poke around our web site for info about the facility.


Due your due diligence and research what is available in the area. Take look at what it costs to join but also look to see if you can join as many are not taking new members. Look at the amenities. What do they provide or offer? Some places don't even have target stands for your use.  Is the range staffed, have someone there to help or ensure safety rules are followed by all so you will have a safer time while there?  Do they have a guest policy with free guest passes?


Do they require range work days and fine you if you fail to participate?  Do they require you to serve as a range officer, responsible for safety of others around you (and possibly exposing you to vicarious liability should there be an injury on your watch)? Is there a membership committee to decide if you are worthy to be a member?  Do they require participation in competition events?  Is there a probationary period?  Can you anticipate the dues rate going up or has it been stable in the past? 


Do they have unique features such as a dedicated centerfire pistol steel plate range or a dedicated 22 rimfire steel plate range away from the loud guns suitable to take kids to? (We've got over 250 plates ready for your fun here.) Are all the shooting positions covered so you can shoot in all weather? Is it accessible so you don't need a 4WD to get to it? How do they treat their customers and members? Look at their Google, Facebook and Yelp reviews.  Will the range be closed during the hunting season or during times when maintenance is being done to gas wells around them without notice? All this matters in selecting a place to support with your membership dollars. Google "places to shoot near me". See what pops up. Then come see us. You won't be disappointed.

Opening Hours:
MONDAY - SATURDAY: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM




91 1st Street

Pleasant Grove AL 35127

We are a short drive from anywhere in the Birmingham area.  It takes less than 15 minutes from the 59/65 interchange to make it here. 

For directions on how to get here, click here...

About Us


The FOP Range Inc is staffed 100% of the time we are open by staff that are happy to help you with anything you need while here.  


The range has an FFL and can help you with any online gun purchase or shipping and receiving of a firearm.  Our FFL service fee is only $20 each with a maximum fee of $50 for 3 or more.


Our Online Gun Store is a great place to shop for and order your next gun.  

Training is available by appointment at very competitive prices.  Call for more info.

The training range is available for free to any Law Enforcement agency needing a place to train or qualify its officers.  Civilian range use makes this possible.

Our goal here is to provide you with a safe, well maintained place to enjoy your firearms with your friends and family.  

Range Staff

  • Jon Grigsby - Range Master

  • Lee Knobloch - General Manager

  • David Torbert - Range Officer

  • Barry Williams - Range Officer

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