Ammo Info Page
The range has Calloway Ballistics 9mm, 380 and .223 in stock at the best prices on ammo anywhere.  Its good stuff made locally by a commercial ammunition manufacturer.   There is no limit on the quantity for purchase on the Calloway Ballistics ammo. 

We sell ammo at wholesale prices to you to make shooting as affordable as it can be.  Shooting is fun.  Right now, shooting is not a cheap hobby but with our low prices on ammo and very inexpensive membership rates, it doesn't get any more affordable anywhere else.  Cheap ammo prices makes enjoying your firearms with friends and family doable.  

We stock many other calibers from other manufacturers but because we cannot simply replace it, its sold with a limit of one per range trip.  
I have posted a few comparisons to the Range's facebook page...
05022021 PSA 9mm ad.jpg
9mm ammo ad 3.jpg

Here we go again... PSA is a reputable company with good deals every day. We all sign up for their emails because what they sell we like. Ammo availability has been in a bad place for about a year. Ammo prices are also in a stupid place at this time. Check out their latest deal and compare it to the ammo prices at the FOP Range.

They sell a 200 round value pack for $149.99... Should be $50 but... times. Add $19 shipping and $12 tax and that value is now $180.99 by the time its in your hands. That makes it $45.25 a box... nuts.

Now get on down to the range and pick up 4 boxes of our Calloway Ballistics 115gr FMJ 9mm in 50 rounds boxes at $29.99 a box. That would be $119.96 and then add the 6% sales tax. The total is $127.16. A huge savings of $53.83. Dang good deal if you ask me.

050321 ps 9mm cart.jpg

Yet another example... I get emails from Brownells almost daily. Brownells is a tremendous resource for just about every thing firearms. They have some 223 ammo.

I went to their web page from the email and added a 200 round box of the .223 ammo to my cart then went to checkout. The $189.99 value pack became $216.09 after shipping and taxes. Lets compare that to range ammo prices...

We sell Calloway Ballistics 30 round boxes of .223 for $22.00. It takes 7 boxes to get close to the 200 round quantity from the Brownells deal except we are at 210 rounds. 7 boxes is $154.00 and with 6% tax, $163.24. That is a difference of $52.85. I would prefer not to spend money stupidly and blowing an extra $52.85 to get less ammo is not smart.

05042021 brownells 223 cart.jpg