Need Ammo?

The FOP Range has tons of ammo.  Literally.  Over 100,000 rounds on hand.  I know, we just counted again.  And... our ammo prices are  the best in the area.  You will always pay more elsewhere.  

Before covid hit and screwed up the shooting sports for everyone, making prices high and availability low, we sold ammo for about what it cost us.  I had one of my random thoughts one day...  if the popcorn at the theaters was free or nearly free, would I go more often?  The answer was yes.  I like me some hot buttered popcorn and a good movie.  I took that idea to the next level...  if the ammo we sold at the range was free or nearly as free as we could make it, would people shoot more often?  The answer had to be yes.  So, prices were adjusted and we even installed a popcorn maker in the range office and gave away free popcorn to the guys checking in and out.  With a margin of only 2.5% markup on ammo, no one could sell it for less unless they were running a loss leader sale of some sort.  It worked.  Range use went up.  Membership numbers went way up.  The business was doing good and my members enjoyed being able to shoot more for less.

Things are different today.  We are constantly scrounging for ammo deals and where we find them we buy them.  For the first year or so after Covid hit, ammo was practically unattainable.  None of our distributors could fill an order.  The days of getting an ammo order for the next week were gone.  The range had a pretty good supply laid up in storage so we ate from that until things got better. 


Things are getting better. As a result, we have plenty.  No limits on how much anyone can buy.  No restrictions like it has to be used here.  Things are back to normal.  As availability has gone up, prices are coming down.  At one time not long ago, we were paying $38 a box wholesale for 9mm.  Its around $18.89 wholesale now and we sell it today for $19.99.  No price gouging here.  We are selling it for enough to replace it after it sells.  You are getting the deal.  All ammo is name brand good stuff.  No junk chinese or russian steel case garbage here.

Below is a spreadsheet I made with our current ammo inventory and prices as of 04/20/22.  I will update it weekly, on Sundays, to try to keep the info here current.  You can see we have some reloading stuff on there too.  Primers and powder.  If you need it, come get it.  If the ammo you need has a low quantity on this list, make a call to verify someone else has not grabbed it before you drive out to the range.  205-744-2600.

22LR?  Yep.  Got it coming out our ears.