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FOP Range Inc. OPEN but with changes for use...

Update 04/15/21
Beginning April 10, 2021, the State has retired the mask and social distancing order.  This is great news for us and our members.  All shooting areas are now available to members.   Range use no longer requires a reservation.  There are no per hour fees and you can stay and shoot as long as you need.  The last year has been a challenge for us.  Very limited ammo availability, stupid high ammo prices, and financial uncertainty are to blame.  This same challenge closed a really good range in Trussville, Sheepdog Firearms.  

As for what we are doing at the Range for covid?... We are still doing what we can to keep the place clean by disinfecting the common areas, not exchanging cash and handling all transactions with credit or debit card.  We encourage everyone to be responsible, wear a mask if you feel the need, social distance while here, give others some space, be an adult about it.  We all have been doing this for more than two years.  With everyone getting the vaccine, the risks are going down.  Eventually, we may get back to what we knew as normal.  I can't wait...

Update 05/01/22
Beginning May 1, we are making the changes needed to the facility to reopen our office and go back to the normal we all enjoyed before covid.  You may find us in your way somewhat while we are refurbishing much of the facility to get ready for a grand reopening scheduled for June 1.  Stay tuned.

Update 06/17/22
June 1, we have finished the range upgrades and reopened the office.  No more dealing with staff through a service window.  June 3rd, we had to pull the plug on the range as all staff had covid and were out sick.  June 9th, we had a negative test and reopened.  I appreciate the irony in our Grand Reopening getting back to normal screw covid event and then it getting all 4 of us day one.  That said, we are as close to back to normal as we can currently get.  The range is open, looks great, is staffed by guys happy to help you and is ready for you to use. 

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