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First Responder Family Fun Shoot


The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 58 and the FOP Range Inc. are hosting a First Responder Family Fun Shoot.  

On August 7th, 2021, First Responders are welcome to bring their family members out to the range for a fun day of target shooting.  The facility has made its Steel Plate Handgun Range, Steel Plate Rimfire Range, Rifle Range, and Training Range available to Police, Fire, Medic, Corrections and Public Safety Dispatchers.  Each range will have a Range Officer present to assist participants and ensure a safe day for everyone.  Participants will need to bring their own firearms, ammo, and eye and ear protection for each member of their party.  The Range has targets, ammo and safety gear for sale at the office for those who need it.  

The law enforcement agencies with their own firearm range as a general rule don't allow non agency personnel access to the department's range for personal use.  At a Lodge meeting a few months ago, we were brainstorming for ideas of things we could do that would be fun and beneficial to our community.  A family fun shoot idea was proposed and we decided to run with it.  

The FOP Range facility is unique in that two of the ranges are set up with hundreds of reactive steel plate targets.  One is for handguns and the other for 22LR rimfire firearms.  The Rimfire Range is an ideal place to let a youngster warm up a 22.  It is away from the loud guns and has bench tops made with kids in mind.  Reactive targets are way more fun to shoot than paper targets.  The Steel Plate Handgun Range is a 50 yard wide range with reactive steel targets at 10, 15 and 25 yards.  It is an awesome place to enjoy pistol caliber firearms.  The Rife Range also has reactive steel plates at 100 yards to ding.  The Training Range will be where participants who want to poke holes in paper with handguns can do so.  

The event will run rain or shine from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  All the ranges have covered shooting areas to permit use in all weather.  Two food trucks are scheduled to be at the range for lunch.  Simone's Kitchen ATL and Nola Ice.  See their web sites for menus.  

If this event is successful, we look forward to making it an annual event.  Call the range at 205-744-2600 with any questions.