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Covid brought with it a pile of restrictions we had to impose on our visitors and members such as enforced social distancing, closure of the office and common areas to non-staff, stopped taking cash and going plastic money only, constant cleaning and disinfection, range use reservations for use, limiting range use, charging more for range use, and forcing all communications to take place either over the phone or through a gap in a window in front of our office.  All had to be done to stay open and keep you and us safe until the threat of covid subsides.  We have hated every minute of it.

This is the day we have been looking forward to for very long time.  Normal.  We want to get back to normal.  The normal we knew before covid hit.  You will now find "normal" here.  In getting ready for normal, we have busted our butts making the range look sharp.  The main office has been overhauled with counters for filling our paperwork, additional sound proofing, ballistic panels for walls, safety glass installed, a good paint job and new carpet, and the bathroom fixed up.  The ranges have been cleaned up and pressure washed.  A new handrail was installed going down to the office for those with mobility issues.  All the trees were cut back and sod laid over bare spots.  The place looks better than it ever has.  Its a really nice place to visit, take friends and family to enjoy your firearms.

Below are a few pics of the progress.  

Installing countertop.jpg
Painting office.jpg
Office done
New handrails and grass
Office outside done
Come on in
Countertop done.jpg
Clean ranges
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