Full set of IHMSA regulation Hunter Silhouette targets for sale!

I have retired the Hunter Silhouette plate racks from the range and they now need a new home.  About 20 years ago I had Alabama Plate in Saginaw Alabama cut out all the pieces to put together a complete set of plates and racks out of 1/2" AR400.  It was the best stuff available at the time.  I spent about a week welding it all together and them placed them on our Main Range with the intentions of holding IHMSA Hunter Silhouette matches.  It was about that time that I also changed the business model to create a "Public Use Range" and we lost the space to hold the matches.  The range was too busy to close it for a match that would only serve a few participants.  I moved them to our Pistol Steel Range and members plinked on them for several years.  They have been taking up space at the end of my parking lot for about 5 years now.  I do not see things changing here in a way that will allow us to use them as intended and I have come to the conclusion that letting them degrade is a waste of a really good target system.

Condition:  All are made from 1/2" AR400 plate.  It will last a life time if only shot with handgun caliber ammo.  They are completely tuned up and ready to use.   I did take the chicken, pig and ram racks to my shop and completely overhauled them, replacing all the hardware and improving the reset mechanism.  They look like new.  All fall when hit.  They even fall when hit with a 22 if you hit them high.  Also included is a set of replacement targets and mounts, one of each animal, as spares.  I never needed to use them.

Price: I spent $2300 20 years ago for the materials then put about 60 hours welding it all together.  They are not available anywhere else on the planet that I am aware of.  The ability to remotely reset the plates between each shooter without having to go downrange to pick up individual target plates would make a match much easier to run.  That's why I made them.  To have them made today would run at least $2000 each.  I will let them go for $800 each/$3200 for the set.   No, I will not separate them.  They are designed to be used as a set, Chickens at 25 yards, Pigs at 50 yards, Turkeys at 75 yards and Rams at 100 yards using handguns.  Hitting them is a genuine challenge.   


Call Jon Grigsby at 205-966-2137 if interested in adding them to your range.

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