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Here is the membership agreement that each member signs when they join the range.  It protects both of us, sets up member responsibilities, and membership conditions.  We ask that each paragraph be initialed as read and that it be signed and witnessed on the bottom. 

Membership Agreement

I understand the fact that the use of, discharge of, or being in the vicinity of firearms is potentially dangerous, and may result in me being injured, seriously injured, or killed and having this knowledge in mind, I fully accept the risk of coming onto and remaining on F.O.P. RANGE INC. property.  I agree to release and hold harmless from all actions, torts, lawsuits, etc., F.O.P. RANGE INC., its officers, owners, agents, employees, range officers, and the FOP Lodge 58.  I accept and understand the above terms as a member, visitor, guest, spectator, competitor, student, or any other capacity that I may be present on F.O.P. Range Inc. property.

A.       Members are fully responsible for the actions of their guests.

B.      Members are fully responsible for their personal property and their guest's personal property and vehicles.  In no case will F.O.P. Range Inc. be responsible for the safety of, theft from or the damage to any member's or guest's property. 

 C.     Members are fully responsible for any children or pets.  All pets must be on a leash and under control at all times.  No pets are allowed on firing ranges.  In no case will the children of any member or guest be allowed on the property without the adult member's or adult guest's supervision at all times.

D.      Except normal wear and tear, any intentional or negligent damage to any property is the member's responsibility to repair or replace at F.O.P. Range Inc. discretion.  It is also the member's responsibility to report any damage or destruction of any property.  Members are fully responsible for the actions of their guests.
E.      The care of any range property loaned to any member or their guest is the member's responsibility.  The return, repair, or replacement of this property is the member's responsibility.


The F.O.P. Range Inc. reserves the right to search any vehicle, bag, container, or person that comes on the range property to attempt to recover any stolen property.  F.O.P. Range Inc. reserves all rights under State law in regards to private property.


Any member, guest or person that fails to obey any safety rule, policy, sportsmanship rule, contest rule, training rule, or any other term of entrance is subject to suspension or revocation of their membership or range use privileges.  There will be no refund of any monies, membership dues, fees, or deposits if any person is required to leave the property or any membership is suspended or revoked.


F.O.P. Range Inc. reserves the right to close the range to members for any reason deemed necessary.  The F.O.P. Range Inc. will make all reasonable effort to minimalize range closings and to notify members prior to closing the range.


F.O.P. Range Inc. is committed to being an equal opportunity recreation and training facility.  We do reserve the right to refuse the use of our facility to anyone based on criminal history, intoxication, mental defect or behavioral problems.  In no case will we subject any person to an unsafe or unstable shooting environment.  Persons who are forbidden by law from possession of a firearm will not be allowed on the property.  Your safety is our highest standard. 


The F.O.P. Range Inc. reserves the right to forbid the use, discharge, or possession of any firearm, ammunition, archery bow, air gun, or any other property brought on the F.O.P. Range Inc. property.  Any property deemed unsafe will be removed immediately from the F.O.P. Range Inc. property.


Members and their guests shall follow the commands or directives of the F.O.P. Range Inc. staff.  Members and their guests will at all times obey all posted signs, notices, and directives, including all traffic signs posted on the roadways entering and exiting the range.


All members and guests are required to use verbal range commands.  These commands are:

  1.  "RANGE IS GOING HOT"   - Before loading the firearm.

  2.  "RANGE IS CLEAR"- When your firearm is empty of ammo and made safe (action open and magazine removed)

  3.  "GOING DOWNRANGE" - Announce prior to walking downrange to check targets. No firearms handling while someone is downrange.

  4. "CEASE FIRE" - If at any time you see any unsafe act or action.  Stop shooting immediately, make all firearms safe.


(a) Annual 

Annual Membership account fees are due in full on first day of the month following the anniversary of the member's initial membership.  A 30 (thirty) day grace period will be allowed for the payment of annual dues.  After the grace period, a $50 (fifty dollar) late fee will be imposed. Yearly membership dues are subject to change upon renewal.  Life memberships are subject to an annual maintenance fee.

(b) Monthly
Monthly membership account fees are due on the first day of the month following the date the member joins.  Monthly membership accounts run for a minimum of 12 months and then become a month to month basis once the first year has passed.  Monthly membership fees are collected via a third party processing company on the first of each month.  When a member’s payment of said fee is dishonored by his banking institution, he shall have 17 days to cure the default or be subject to a dishonored transaction fee of $25 in addition to the nominal amount owed.  Monthly membership accounts which remain unfunded for 30 days and enter a second billing cycle will incur a $25 late fee in addition to the Dishonored Transaction Fee and nominal amount owed for membership.


Reloaded ammunition is allowed.  F.O.P. Range Inc. is not and will not be responsible for any damage to property or injuries to persons from the use of reloaded or handloaded ammunition.  Tracer, armor piercing, incendiary, or explosive ammunition is prohibited.  Black powder firearms are permitted.



Firearms are to be loaded only on a range firing line.  No loaded firearms are allowed inside the Main Office, restrooms, or in any parking area.  The use of a gun case or holster for the transport of firearms while at the Facility is required.


The Facility maintains several ranges dedicated to reactive steel plate target shooting.  Use of such systems has a by-product of very small bullet fragments that may return up-range towards the firing line.  The steel target systems are maintained and any damaged targets are replaced or repaired and the chances of injury to anyone from well maintained steel target systems is minimal… However, injury is possible to soft tissue so ANSI rated eye protection is required of all persons while on the Facility. 


The Facility utilizes target grade steel plate target systems.  They are made from AR500 plate and can take a pounding.  Members must be aware that there are different grades of AR500 plate for different velocities of ammunition. 
(a)     The Facility maintains a 22 Long Rifle Rimfire Range.  The plates and systems there are designed for the dedicated use of 22 long rifle rimfire ammunition and ammunition more powerful than that will damage the targets there.  Use of any other ammunition on the 22 Rimfire Range is prohibited and members caught doing so will have their Account terminated and be held liable for the damages caused. 
(b)     The Facility maintains a Centerfire Handgun Steel Plate Range.  The plates there are heavier and designed for use of handgun velocity ammunition.  1600 fps is the maximum velocity allowed.  Nearly all handgun ammunition falls under that power rating.  22 long rifle rimfire ammunition is permitted here.  Centerfire rifle ammunition is prohibited.  Members caught using centerfire rifle ammunition on the Pistol Steel Plate Range will have their Account terminated and be held liable for the damages caused. 

(c)      The Facility maintains steel plate targets on both of our rifle ranges for use with centerfire rifles.  All lesser ammunition may be fired on the rifle steel plates.  No steel or tungsten core ammunition is allowed on any of the steel targets at the Facility. 


I FULLY UNDERSTAND AND AGREE to the above terms and conditions and hereby submit this application agreement for membership to the F.O.P. Range Inc. facility.  I FULLY UNDERSTAND that this membership is subject to suspension or revocation for violation of the above agreement.   No refunds shall be issued.  I FULLY UNDERSTAND that the use of firearms is inherently dangerous and I AM AWARE that being in the vicinity of firearms can result in the loss of life.  I WILL FOLLOW ALL SAFETY RULES to assure a safe shooting environment for everyone.

______________________________signed __________________________printed_____________date


______________________________witnessed _____________date  


MEMBERSHIP #_____________

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