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Our Main Range is open to anyone who wants a safe place to shoot.  Here you can see the 12 handgun shooting positions and the 12 concrete benchrest tables for rifles.  Set out in front of them are target stands ready for your use.  The choices in the area for ranges for anyone who wants to shoot rifles and handguns without having to purchase an annual membership are very slim.  Need to sight in a rifle for hunting season?  This is the place to do it.  There are a few private gun clubs within a 30 minute drive of Birmingham but they all have membership requirements, a membership committee to get through, referrals from existing members required, work days required, competition participation required, NRA membership required.  Here, the only requirements are that have a valid current pistol permit to prove you are able to legally possess a firearms and that you are safe while you are here.  Permits are cheap and necessary if you want to travel to other states with a firearm in your car.  That's it!  Come see us.


The big traffic light on the Main Range will remind shooters of the proper range condition...   When the light is green, the range is hot.  Shooters may load and engage their targets.  The light stays green for 9 minutes.  The light will go yellow for one minute between green and red.  Yellow gives you notice that the range is about to go cold.  The light then is red for 10 minutes.  When the light is red, the range is cold, every one clears their chamber, opens the action, and benches their gun.  While the light is red and the range is cold, there is no weapon handling allowed... period.  Set up your target, replace your target, or take a break until the range is hot again.  When the range is hot, you may handle your weapon... get it out, set it up on the rifle rest, load and shoot until the range goes cold again.

What does it cost to use the Day Shoot Range at the F.O.P. Range Inc.?  $15 gets you a Trial Membership that affords you use of the Main Range for a month with a $10 per day use fee.  Yes, it is affordable.   You can also join with an annual membership and get use of the whole facility.  Yes, it is a really nice place to enjoy your firearms.  Yes, you can shoot here. There are tons of people who just want to shoot their deer gun to see if the scope is still on, who just want to shoot that old revolver they have had by the bed for the last 20 years to make sure it still works, who want to shoot that new gun to make sure it is accurate and working right or who want to bring a family member and introduce them to firearms and sport shooting.  You are all welcome here.


On the Main Range, you can shoot handguns at paper at 10, 25,50 and 100 yards or rifles at 25, 50 and 100 yards at paper or our rifle steel targets at 100 yards.  Shotguns destroy our target stands and are not allowed.  The light bird shot pellets can  ricochet of the target stands and come back uprange.  All sporting calibers are welcome here.  

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