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Trial Membership 

How about a Trial Membership for $15 and you get a month (30 days) of range use with a range use fee of only $10 each time you use it, same as the annual tier 1 member's range fee.


See if you like it. See if the place is for you. See if you will use it. See our level of service and help we provide. See if not having to fill out a waiver every time you come here is good for you.  See if you like the delicious smell of burned gunpowder in your clothes. See if you like the slight tint of burned powder on your fingers. See if you like holding your warm gun. See if your shooting skills are improving because you can shoot more. See if showing someone you care about how to use a firearm to defend themselves feels good. See if teaching your kids to respect firearms by educating them on how they work, how to safely use one and to respect them is a great idea. See if buying all your ammo here at wholesale prices works for your shooting budget.

Then see about becoming an Annual Member with access to the whole facility for as little as $100 a year suits you. See if shooting reactive steel target systems are infinitely more fun than poking holes in paper. See if a rimfire only range might be better for introducing new shooters to the sport is a good idea. See if a well thought out rifle range is something you would enjoy. See if getting a range to yourself, which happens a lot during the week, is a good thing.

See... its a all good thing.

The Trial Membership has a few limitations.
Trial Members have access to the Main Range by the office and shoot under supervision and the time constraints of the traffic light with 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off.
Trial members may not use the Annual Members part of the facility but can upgrade, get a range safety orientation and become an Annual Member with whole facility access.
Trial Members may use the Main Range all they want for 30 days after joining with a $10 per day use fee.
Trial Members will get a card to sign in with that is good for a month, has an expiration date on it.

Trial Members can renew their Trial Membership any time they want. Next week, next month, next hunting season for $15.
Trial Members, once having filled out the membership agreement and liability waiver, will not have to fill out paperwork each time they return. Simply present the Trial Membership card we issued you and your ID and go shooting.

All range users must be signed into the range at least an hour before closing.  Plan accordingly.


Note:  Trial Members are held to the same standards of membership as all Annual Range Members.

Trial Membership in FOP Range Inc. will be available only to those persons who are legally able to own and possess a firearm and are at least 21 years of age. Members must be in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws concerning the handling and ownership of firearms.


Range staff will need to see your Driver's License or State issued ID card to prove age if you appear to be less than 30 and your current valid pistol permit to confirm you may legally possess firearms.

And lastly, be safe while here.

Memberships may be granted and/or revoked for issues deemed necessary at the discretion of FOP Range Inc. staff without refund.

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