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Chicken Challenge

The Chicken Challenge is an informal shooting challenge that members can undertake.  The Steel Range has 161 steel plate targets, 50 at 25 yards, 50 at 15 yards, and another 61 at 10 yards.  To play, start at one side of the range and engage each plate with only one round.  Move across the range, using the shooting positions in front of the targets you need to shoot until you are at the other end.  When you are done, you will have a hot gun and your score is the number of plates you hit.  The name Chicken Challenge comes from the chicken targets at 25 yards as they are about the hardest things on the range to get hits on.  

A few years ago, we held a monthly chicken challenge match and did the shoot as an organized event.  We divided the range into thirds and ran the pile of shooters through each position.  We limited the guns to iron sights only as dots and scopes make it much easier to clean the targets.  We also did a rimfire Chicken Challenge match using the Rimfire Range and all the targets there.

The full Chicken Challenge at 161 targets is going to eat 4 boxes of ammo and that is mighty expensive these days.  To make it a little cheaper to shoot, we have a Chicken Challenge Jr. shoot which is only using the 50 targets on the far left side of the Steel Range at 25 yards for the challenge.  The chickens have taken roost there and dare you to hit them.


Want to shoot for official score?  Get a scoresheet from the office and record your hits and misses.  Have a co-shooter witness your run and submit it to the Range Office.  On the 1st of each month we will post scores here on this page and the Fun With Your Guns Facebook group page.   

Targets at the 25 yard line.


Targets at the 15 yard line.


Targets at the 10 yard line.


Here is the Chicken Challenge Jr. target array.

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