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Man on Man Steel Plate Matches

  • Match results for the March 6 match are posted below along with a some videos and pics from the event.  

Marco vs Jon for match winner Iron Sight handgun.

Competition Events at the FOP Range...

  • Many years ago, this facility hosted 7 matches a month. We have done IPSC, IDPA, 3 Gun, Steel Challenge, Steel Plate, Falling 40 Steel Plate, Rimfire Tactical, Shotgun Tactical, 22 Rimfire Golf Ball, BR50 Rimfire, 22 Rimfire Precision, 22 Rimfire Tactical, Bowling Pin, and Man on Man Steel Plate matches.  We even did a Stake Shoot match once.  We hosted the Alabama IPSC Championship 11 years in a row, and the NFA Subgun World Nationals for 2 years here. 


  • This range has pretty much seen it all over the last 27 years.  The reason we got away from the matches was because the range grew exponentially.  It got the point that if we were to hold a match, we would be displacing members who drove out to use the range for some target shooting just to find that they would not be able to shoot where they had wanted to.  Further, most of the above matches were organized, set up, administer, scored by, and cleaned up afterwards by just a few individuals who after years of toting a pretty heavy load got burned out.  

Man on Man Rimfire Steel Plate Shoot-off matches. 

  • Nothing is like shooting against the guy standing next to you.  Speed, accuracy and concentration.  Its tough staying focused enough on what you are shooting at while peripherally, you can notice that your competitor just missed one or hasn't missed any and is ahead of you.  There is nothing like it. 

  • Do a search on Youtube for "American Handgunner World Shootoff" to see where this match originated.  

How does it run? 

  • Man on Man matches typically have a plate rack for each guy on the firing line and a special target called a crossover target with two plates that over lap, the winning plate hit will be on the bottom as it was hit first. 

  • The crossover target determines the winner. 

  • There is no clock or timer involved. 

  • Both competitors come to the firing line and load and make ready under the watch of a range officer who stands between them. 

  • Once both are loaded and assume a starting position of low ready with the firearm touching the table in front of each shooter he will announce shooters ready, standby, and then give a start signal. 

  • Upon the start signal, the competitors engage all the steel plates on the rack in front of them and then engage their side of the crossover target. 

  • First one to get the crossover target dropped wins and advances. 

  • We do a two out of three double elimination. 


The Guns...

  • Everyone enters the match for the gun type they want to compete with. 

  • Iron sighted handgun

  • optic sighted handgun

  • iron sighted rifle

  • optic sighted rifle

  • You may enter one of each if you want. 

  • Revolvers and semi autos are lumped together.  Revolvers often beat autos.

The Match...

  • We call shooters to the firing line from the list and work through the list until everyone has lost once except the one winner. 

  • Then we work through the list of losers until there is just one left standing then that shooter and the undefeated shooter go to get an overall match winner for that division.  

  • The match entry fee will be $5 per gun entered. 

  • Trophies are awarded to the winners. 

  • The match moves fast as the targets are remote reset between runs. 

  • If you are not shooting, you need to be loading magazines. 

  • 100 rounds per gun should get you through this match.  

  • We chose to do rimfire because of the economy of 22's and any 22 will be competitive. 

  • Most people have at least one 22 rimfire and can participate without having to go buy anything new. 

  • Your gun just needs to be reliable with the ammo it likes.  


If there is demand after getting rimfire up and running, we add do centerfire later.  There is a man on man target setup on the right side of the Steel Range for centerfire use.  Members may make use of all the steel plates here to practice for the next match or shoot informally with friends and family.


  • I built a pair of plate racks just for this match.  They are set up on our Rimfire range for members to practice on. 

  • One has 6 inch plates at 10 yards and the other has 3 inch plates at 25 yards. 

  • Each rack has a pair of crossover plates in the center to determine the winner.  

Here is the Handgun MoM rack in my shop.

Man on man pistol rack 3.jpg

This is the Rifle MoM rack ready for the range.

Man on man 22 rifle rack.jpg
Rimfire range racks.jpg

March 6, 2022 MoM results


Optic Rifle match winner was Lee Knobloch

Optic Handgun match winner was Jon Grigsby

Iron sight Handgun match winner was Marco Butturini

  • Our first match had 11 participants shooting Optic Handgun, Optic Rifle, and Iron Sight Handgun.  It took about an hour and a half to sort them out to 3 winners.  Most shot 2 or 3 guns and burned at least 200 rounds of ammo.  There is nothing like shooting against someone else.  You can see how they are doing while you are shooting and if you are looking at them hitting or missing, you are missing.  They are doing the same.  

  • Below are a few videos from this event.  Being our first attempt at running our MoM rimfire match, we learned a few things and will make a few modifications for the next one...  The 6th plate from each side needs to be a different color like red to identify it as the stop plate.  We can move the rifle targets a little further back, add another 5 yards, and still have it be quite a challenge.  We need to clear the targets in the area behind the match targets and center the match targets on the shooting positions.  The match ran smoothly with no real hiccups.  

  • Here is what I used to become the winner of the Optic Handgun division.  Its a S&W 617 10 shot revolver with an old C-more red dot sight.  You don't have to have a high end gun to get into this.  I ran a S&W 22 M&P compact semi auto in the Iron Sight handgun division... a sub $400 gun and made it to the finals with it.  Run what you got.

MoM Trophy for Mar 6 Optic Handgun.  I used a S&W 617 with a C-more red dot sight.
  • The trophies are nice glass mugs with the match winner announcement etched into them.  Really nice.  Would be cool to earn a whole set. I plan on making this my root beer float mug. 


Marco vs Alex Iron Sight handgun.

Lee vs Jon for match winner Optic Handgun

This is Lee vs Rooster from a centerfire MoM we held in 2004.  This target assembly is set up for members' use on the Centerfire handgun Steel Range.  You will find them parked on the far right side of the firing line should you want to get a little practice in on them.

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