Range Upgrades

Since April of 2017, we have made major changes to the range.  The pictures below illustrate some of the projects we have recently completed.  

Main Range upgrade

The most recent is the upgrade is to our day shooter range.  We had a problem with erosion from the parking lot above making its way onto the range concrete surface.  Drainage was an issue and I was tired of shoveling it out so...  time to fix it.  First was digging out the area behind the firing line for installation of a retaining wall and drainage pipe.  Next came a new septic tank lid with a man hole cover access lid as the expanded shooting area was going over it.  Then we laid out and poured a concrete pad with a curb at the front for catching brass in front of the pistol shooting area.  After it dried, a new overhead structure was built with 12 shooting positions.  Each is 5 feet wide, replacing the 30 inch wide ones we have had since 2002.  Downrange, I dug out the right side of the range; giving us material to build a berm at 25 yards and letting me move the 50 yard berm right about 10 yards.  The old metal building on the right side of the firing line was pulled out and gave us room for 2 more benchrest tables.  Each of the tables are coated with a bedliner material.  Then over 150 tons of gravel went down to give shooters a good clean surface to walk on.  No more muddy feet here.  

Rifle Range upgrade

The rifle range was too narrow so I cut each side out giving us another 10 yards of width.  The old Rifle range pad, tables and covered area were demolished and removed.  We poured a new pad and a one piece benchrest table the width of the pad.  It has 10 36" wide shooting positions, each separated by screen to keep your brass with you and off your neighbor.  A new overhead structure was built using trusses I build that give us a clear  span 40 foot wide, no poles in the way.  Its nice.  I added more steel plates for your shooting pleasure.  


Rimfire Range upgrade.

One of the things I have always wanted here was a dedicated rimfire range.  A place where you could enjoy a rimfire without the big guns around.  In a perfect world, it would have nothing but reactive targets like the ones we saw at the fair or carnival as kids.  So... I built one.  Poured a big concrete pad, build a structure over it that gives us 10 5 foot wide shooting positions, added 15 plate racks with remote resets and a pile of more steel designed for rimfire use and we have ourselves a really cool place to enjoy a rimfire more than 125 plates.  

Steel Plate Range upgrade.

By fall of 2016, the range was at capacity.  On any given nice weekend afternoon, the place was packed.  Members would show up and not have a place to shoot until someone left.  It was clear to me that we were not using the square footage we have as efficiently as we could.  I took steel plate ranges 1 and 2 and tore out the berm dividing them.  Built a new berm between the opened up area and our day shoot range.  Added over 100 tons of gravel and laid out where we needed a floor and poured concrete, 150 feet long by 16 feet deep.  Plenty big.  When the concrete crew finished we built a structure over it giving us 20 7.5 foot wide shooting positions.  Where just a few shooters had been shooting, we could now fit 20 groups of shooters, all shooting at reactive targets, set up at 10, 15 and 20 yards, requiring no one to go downrange.  It was perfect and a whole lot of fun to shoot on.  We now have over 125 plates on this range.

Lower pistol ranges

The lower pistol ranges got rebuilt this year.  New overhead structures and gravel surfaces.  I made these two ranges paper only as we have all the steel now located in one range.  You can shoot from 0 to 15 yards on these ranges. 


Needed a place with AC and heat for teaching classes.  Found a used Birmingham school system classroom on craigslist and had it drug here.  I ran power and water to it and added steps, porches, and a covered area.  This classroom serves its purpose and is used several times a week by law enforcement, private security trainers, and private instructors. It is available for use by any certified instructor wanting a place to hold classes.  It is also available for events.

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