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Firearms Training

Private Instruction...

Individuals needing instruction on the safe use of firearms, self defense use of firearms, or just needing information can call the range to set up a time to meet a certified firearms instructor for a class.   Owning a firearm is not necessary, we have several for you to use for your class.  We get lots of requests for training from people who have had an incident that opened their eyes to the need to own a gun.  Most have tons of questions about what gun to get, what ammo to buy, how to carry, how to use, and when to use.  We tell them to hold up on buying anything until they get some time with an instructor who will let them try several different types of guns, helping them figure out what they need and answering all their questions.

I see shooters here all the time who bring a spouse or daughter to the range for an introduction to a gun they bought for them just to find out that it doesn't fit their hand, is too powerful for them to control, or too complicated for a novice to use under stress.  They often leave here mad at each other or disappointed with their purchase.  An investment in instruction is a wise decision. 

A class is normally a one on one situation that lasts at least 2 hours and is held privately on a range.  Classes in firearms instruction are like swimming or tennis lessons in that you won't learn it all in a single class.  Get a block of instruction then practice what you have been shown until you can get another class; building on what you learned from the last one.  We crawl and then walk before we run. 

In a first class, the student will get the basics of firearm safety, its care, manipulations, and marksmanship basics.  Most shoot at least 100 rounds of ammo performing shooting drills.  After your class, you should be able to...

  • make an informed decision on what gun to buy or use for your intended purposes.

  • know how to load and unload your firearm and clear a jam or malfunction getting it back into action.

  • how to use the firearm to make holes in what you are aiming at.

  • know how to carry it concealed, including where you can and can't carry it.

  • know how to clean it; what products work best for cleaning and protecting it.

  • Know how to safely store it at home; protecting others from its misuse.  

    Call 205-744-2600 for info or to schedule time with one of our certified instructors

Church Security Team Training and range use

The facility has a really nice training range with an on-site classroom for use by organizations needing a place to train, qualify and certify their staff.  See the Training Range page on this site for some pictures and more info about it.  If your organization is in need of a good place to conduct their training, we can accommodate you.  There are two ways to get in, a per head deal or with a reduced cost corporate membership that covers your team members and grants them use of the range on their own to practice on their own or bring their own guests out for some shooting fun.  See our Church Security Training page for more info.

Law Enforcement Training...
We provide this facility at no cost to law enforcement agencies needing a place to train and qualify their officers.  All target stands, range props and classroom are available free of charge.  The range use by civilians makes this service possible.  The facility has 7 ranges; one of which is our training range.  Scheduling is on a first come basis.  Call to reserve a range for your agency at 205-744-2600. 

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