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FOP Range Training Range

  • The training range is a large multi purpose range, suitable for shooting handguns, rifles and shotguns. 

  • It is 30 yards wide by 50 yards deep. 

  • We keep about a dozen corrugated plastic target stands on this range for groups to use. 

  • If a group needs more, up to 15 can easily fit on this range.  

  • We also have a pile of barricades, barrels and IPSC target stands here for the group's use. 

  • A concrete benchrest table is also provided for sighting in rifles at 50 yards.

  • This part of the range is available for private security, church security groups and law enforcement training and qualification use.

  • Law Enforcement agencies without their own place qualify and train their officers may book time here for that purpose at no cost.  Nada. Zip. Zero. 

  • Civilian membership and use fees cover the costs of providing this to area agencies.  

  • Private Security agencies and Church Security groups pay a nominal per head fee or obtain a Corporate membership for their organization. 

  • Its use is on a first come basis.  

  • It is also available for groups wanting a larger range to shoot together as a social media gathering, birthday party, Bachelor party, bachelorette party, or corporate team building or competition event. 

  • Call the range at 205-744-2600 with questions. 

See the Church Security Group and Corporate range use page for info about each.

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