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Membership now costs less!!

    We have reduced our membership fees!  The range has grown tremendously over the last few years and the membership has grown to over 1000.  As we grow, it gets cheaper for everyone.  The rates listed below reflect a $50 decrease in what it used to cost to join.  We want and need more members.  Call us with questions, 205-744-2600.  Do your homework.  Check us out.  Compare us to everyone else.  Read our reviews from everywhere.  We are the least expensive, most helpful, friendly, coolest stuff to shoot, best laid out, well maintained place to enjoy your firearms with friends and family.  Remember... happiness is a warm gun.  Come see us and join.  


Trial Membership

 This plan costs $25.  With this plan, the member has use of the Main Range for 7 days, a week.  It is a way to get in to shoot for a week.  You may bring guests for $20 each.  Its good for a week from the date you joined and the $25 you paid is applied towards an annual membership should you upgrade during the 7 day membership period.


Single Membership

 This plan costs $150 a year and has a first year initiation fee of $25 to get it started.  With this plan, the member has use of the entire facility 7 days a week.  They may bring 5 guests for free.


Family Membership

This plan costs $200 a year and has a first year initiation fee of $25 to get it started.  With this plan, the member may use the range whenever we are open and never pay a range use fee.  He may bring his immediate family with him (spouse and kids up to 20).  You may bring 5 guests for free.  And yes, your spouse may use the membership to the range without your help.  Both of you can come to the range any time you want and bring guests.  Each of you will need to complete a membership agreement and get a range safety orientation before using the facility.


Limited Membership

This plan costs only $100 a year and has a first year initiation fee of $25 to get it started.  With this plan, the member may use the range Monday through Thursday.  You may bring your immediate family with you (spouse and kids up to the age of 20).  You may bring 5 guests for free.  And yes, your spouse may use the range without your help.  Both of you can come to the range any time you want and bring guests.  Each of you will need to complete a membership agreement and attend a range safety orientation before using the facility.  Use of the facility on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be restricted to the Day Shoot range and incur the daily $20 per person use fee.  This membership is intended to help retirees or those of us with screwed up off days save some money and get use of the range during the week when it is not as busy.


Civil Service

We have always had a discount for Police Officers.  Why not honor all civil servants with a discount.  If you are active or retired Law Enforcement, Fire Fighter or Military, you get the discount on joining the range.  All we need is some form of ID acknowledging you as such. The $25 first year initiation fee to get the membership started is waived. 


Membership Requirements

The requirements for range use or membership are:

  • having a valid driver's license or ID,

  • having a pistol permit or be able to get a pistol permit (no crimes of violence or felonies in your criminal history that would prevent you from legally possessing a firearm)

  • be of age to purchase a pistol or pistol ammo (be at least 21 years old).  

  • Fill out a membership agreement, agreeing to abide by safety rules while on the range.

  • participate in a range safety orientation.  

FOP Range Inc. Guest Policy

Effective January 1, 2019, changes relating to guests and our guest policy will take effect to ensure we have the resources to improve operations.  All ranges have guest policies; some of which are very restrictive, such as you may only bring one guest one time.  After that they must join the range as a member to use it again.  We are not going to be that restrictive but must modify our open door policy to ensure growth for the future.  We are 100% dead set against raising our membership rates to accomplish this.  We need more members helping support this facility.  

Upon joining, each member is issued a guest pass good for 5 free guests.  He may use it to get 5 nonmembers on the facility to shoot with him on the member's ranges.  After the his guest passes are used up, he may still bring guests but they are restricted to the Main range and his guest pays the Day Shoot range fee.  To use any other part of the facility, the guest must join.  He will get a discounted rate on his first year's dues for being brought to the range by a member and the member who brought the individual who joined gets another 5 free guest passes.  An additional free guest card is mailed out to each member with their renewal notice.



A Multi-Pass is a guest pass that members may purchase for $50 that allows them to bring any one person every time they come to the range and take them to the member's ranges.  The member may bring anyone as their guest with the Multi-Pass.  They may use the pass to bring someone different each time the come.  Members may bring additional guests but their 5 person annual guest pass will be applied to the additional guests.  After its 5 guest limit is used up, the member may still bring additional guests but they will be restricted to the Day Range and have to pay the $20 per person daily range use fee.  A Multi-Pass will pay for itself quickly. 

Membership Renewal Policy

Effective December 1, 2018, membership is annual with renewal required on the 1st of the month that you joined (instead of on the anniversary of the date you joined).  Members are sent a renewal notice via mail before the first of each month.  Per the membership agreement, there is a $50 late fee provided for if the member renews more than 30 days late. 


In an effort to stimulate a timely dues payment, the range offers a discount for renewals received before the 6th of each month of $20.  For example: a member with a single membership with a dues rate of $150 a year would only have to pay $130 to renew if he does so before the 6th.  After the 5th, the rate would be the normal dues payment.  After 30 days late, the late fee is $25.  After 60 days late, the late fee is the $50 provided for in the membership agreement.  This policy encourages prompt payment of dues and reduces the immediate effect of the full late fee for an extra 30 days.  Come to the range 6 months or a few years after your membership expired to shoot... the late fee and your dues payment would have to be made before access to the member's ranges would be granted. 

To get the discounted renewal rate, payment must be received by the range no later than the 5th.  Calling in your dues payment is the easiest way to make this happen.  We will process your payment and update your file making you good to shoot here another year.  Your new membership card will be waiting for you in your file the next time you come to the range.  Checks sent via mail for payment may not make it here in time and if received after the 5th, would have a balance due before your card for the next year will be issued.  

BOGO Tax Sale info

Until April 16, 2020, we are offering a buy one get one deal on new annual memberships. When you buy one single, full or limited membership, you will get one free.  Show up alone to get a membership, we will give you a gift certificate you can give someone for another membership.  Split the cost with a buddy.  Sell the gift certificate to reduce your membership cost.  Its just another way we thought of that will make your shooting enjoyment cost less.  

There are just a few limitations... 
The BOGO deal does not apply to Trial Memberships.

The BOGO gift certificate has no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash.

The BOGO 2nd membership applicant must meet the requirements of membership, be able to possess guns.

The BOGO gift certificate may not be used for membership renewal.

The BOGO gift certificate has an expiration date of 30 days after the date issued.

Its a GREAT deal.  It may never be offered again.  Call the range with questions, 205-744-2600.


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