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Rimfire Range


Our rimfire range is a great place to enjoy all your 22LR rimfire firearms.  

  • There are 15 plate racks and a pile of swinging plates set up from 10 to 22 yards from the firing line.  

  • It is an all steel range with 213 steel targets.  

  • Everything is remote reset so there is no reason to go forward of the firing line.  

  • The firing line is 55 feet wide and is divided into 10 shooting stations with varying height table tops.  This should accommodate shooters of all statures.  

  • Recent additions of 2 custom made Man on Man shoot-off racks, one with 6 inch plates at 12 yards and one with 3 inch plates at 25 yards, now give members a way to compete with family and friends on this range.

  • See the "Jon beats Lee with a revolver" video below to see how we like to use this target system.

  • Take a look at the pictures below to see how it is set up for you to enjoy.  

Rimfire range racks.jpg
Man on man 22 rifle rack.jpg
Man on man pistol rack 3.jpg
Pile of plates to plink on...

At last count, we are up to 216 plates. Not much room for more. Its full!

Been busy making more.

As funds allow, I add more plates.

Rimfire Plates

Trying something different. These are IHMSA targets.

More 22 plates

Fun building these...

Rimfire range pic

Ten 6 foot wide shooting stalls. Room for dad and a kid in each. Different heights on the tables too. Accommodates the kids.

Rimfire Range
Rimfire range getting started

Got the materials laid out, ready to go.

Mounted the posts.

Got all the posts mounted to anchors in the concrete.

Left side all framed up.
Right side framed up
Table tops made.
Roof on
Nice, shady spot...
Rimfire plate racks

The plates on the left side are at 10 yards.

More rimfire plates

Got over 80 plates set up here with more coming.

Remote reset racks

All the racks are remote reset using cables run through the posts to the shooting area.

Rack plates

The plates on the racks vary from 3 to 5 inches.

Swinging rimfire plates

These are bigger and ring when hit.

15 rimfire plate racks

We played around with where to place the racks. I liked across the back as it presents more of a challenge... but this proved too hard for most shooters...

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