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Church Security Team Training and Corporate range use

  • The FOP Range facility has a really nice training range with an on-site classroom for use by organizations needing a place to train, qualify and certify their staff with firearms

  • See the Training Range page on this site for some pictures and more info about it. 

  • If your organization is in need of a good place to conduct their training, we can accommodate you. 


  • There are two ways to get in, a per head deal or a corporate membership deal that covers your team members and grants them use of the range on their own to practice on their own or bring their own guests out for some shooting fun.

Per head deal (aka A la carte)

  • The commercial use of the range fee is $50 per head per day.  Several private security companies make regular use of this deal to certify new hires and requalify existing staff annually as required by the State for security guard certification.  

  • Its not super cheap but we have everything you will need to conduct your classroom and live-fire range training.

  • Companies with 20 or more in their training group for the day get a $10 per head discount, making it $40 each.

The Corporate deal

  • We offer groups such as church security groups and businesses who need range use best deal ever. 

  • We need one point of contact for billing and accountability purposes and a list of the 5 or more individuals to have on the membership. 

  • Each has to get the range safety orientation and then has range access on their own to get some practice in or to bring their own guests out to the range for shooting with their friends and family. 

  • The group can schedule use of the Training Range for their purposes as needed on a first come basis. 

  • All it takes is a call to the range to get on the calendar and reserve the Training Range for the dates and times they need it. 

  • Each group has to have one certified firearms instructor (NRA, FBI, or USCCA instructor certification) present when the group is conducting training. 

  • When members of your team rotate out, simply notify range staff and we will update the list for your organization and schedule the range safety orientation for the new members.   

  • Its cost effective and easy to maintain.

What does the Corporate deal cost? 

  • The $50 application fee is waived for Corporate deal memberships.

  • Each individual will have the equivalent of our Single Membership at either a Tier 1 or Tier 2 level. 

  • Tier 1 Corporate rate is $100 each (saving $50 each). 

  • Tier 1 guys have a $10 range use fee every time they use the range.

  • Tier 2 Corporate rate is $150 each (saving $100 each). 

  • Tier 2 guys have no range use fee to pay when they use the range.   

  • Each day of training range use is at no additional charge to groups with a corporate membership deal.

  • Training range use is first come basis.  Schedule your training days and lock in those dates for your group.

See the Memberships page to compare the above rates to the regular pricing. 


Corporate Rate Memberships are the best value for any organization needing a place to conduct firearms training.  

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