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The Main Range is the big range next to the Office.  When an individual joins and wants to shoot immediately, they can do so on the Main Range.  Once the Range Safety Orientation is received, they may use the whole facility.  Since all the users of this range may not have had the RSO, the following safety rules are to be observed on the Main Range.  

Each Main Range using new member who has not had the RSO will be required to execute a Main Range Safety Rules acknowledgement via a QR code scanned with a smart phone.  It opens up an interactive guide that relays the rules to the user who digitally signs off that they understand and will obey the rules.  Once the RSO is administered, the QR sign in will no longer be necessary for the new member.

Main Range Rules Explained...

    They are pretty straight forward and have your safety while at the range as their goal.  Lets go over each one...

1. Always obey all commands given by the Range Officer.  
    The staff at the range are all experienced shooters and have been around firearms most of their lives.  They are knowledgeable in most areas of firearms use.  Their ultimate responsibility to to ensure that all at the range have a safe outting.  Should a Range Officer ask or tell you to do something, listen.  You may not have realized what conditions were around you or that you were doing something unsafe.  They will explain any request or directive to you.  An argument with any of the range staff will 100% result in your removal from the firing line and expulsion from the facility.

2. All guns are to be either holstered or cased while moving between the ranges.
    Please have your gun in a case, box, bag, or holster when you get here.  If you don't have one for the gun you want to shoot here, its not a problem.  Just don't bring it into the office.  Leave it in your car until you get signed in at the office.  When taking it from your car to the range you are going to use, be careful to not let it point at anyone.  Its called muzzle discipline.  Just be very aware of where its pointing at all times.  Everyone around you will greatly appreciate it.

3.Wearing eye protection is mandatory.
    The above explanation for eye protection use should suffice.  Just know, if we see you without eye protection on the range while shooting is going on, we will tell you to get your glasses on. 


4. No loaded firearms are allowed anywhere but on the range firing line.
  This is not a place to walk around with a "hot" gun.  Hot gun means the gun is loaded.  Don't walk into the office with a gun in your holster with a magazine in it.  We don't care if the mag is empty or the chamber is clear... It looks loaded.   It ain't cool.  We will tell you to go out side and put your gun back in your car before allowing you to sign in.  Do so then come back into the office and execute the papers.  It is best to arrive at the range with your guns cleared.  Don't do so in the parking lot.  We have had two negligent discharges in the parking lot that I know about.  One was a deputy showing a gun to someone, and the other was a 16 year old who killed the transmission in his mom's minivan.  Yes it was bleeding all the way back up the range road.  Both were handling loaded guns in an unsafe place. 

5. The range will operate hot for 10 min., cold 10 min., hot 10 min., cold 10 min.
  The traffic light described above controls the firing line.  We do not deviate from the commands of the light.  Even if you are the only one on the range, this is how it works.  Its on a 10 minute cycle that we have found suits most while here. The firing line is 50 yards wide and the light is necessary to organize the firing line.

6. When range is hot, no one may proceed downrange, forward of the firing line.
  This is for obvious reasons but, it has happened.  Guys shooting pistols have walked out to their targets while rifle shooters are still shooting.  Guys shooting rifles have gone downrange while pistol shooters are still shooting.  Watch the light.   It is the Gospel.  Everyone will be singing from the same sheet of music here.

7. Watch the STOP LIGHT at the right side of the firing line.  
When the light is RED, STOP SHOOTING, unload your gun, open the action and set it down.  No weapon handling is allowed while the range is cold.  Bench your gun and wait until light is GREEN before handling your gun again.  As explained above, this is the safest way to operate.  You wouldn't want someone loading their gun behind you while you were hanging a new target so don't do it while they are downrange.  The light will go green soon enough.

8. Load your firearm only at the firing line while keeping it pointed downrange.
  This is something we see from time to time.  Guys sometimes load up while at the benches behind the firing line or load up and then walk behind everyone to move to another position on the firing line.  The only place to put rounds in your gun is on the firing line, where you will be shooting from.  Load your mags at the benches if you want but don't put one in a gun until you at at the place where you are going to shoot from... and the light is green.

9. Never turn around or face in an unsafe direction (up-range) with a loaded firearm.   
  Muzzle discipline.  Keep it pointed downrange the whole and entire time you have it in your hand.  Loaded or not, never allow it to point at anyone on the range.   No one wants to look at the business end of your gun.

10. Keep you firearm pointed downrange at all times.  Never allow your gun to point at another person.
  Muzzle discipline.  It is one of the most important safety rules we have.  Always pay attention to and be aware of where your gun is pointing at all times.

11. Do not put your finger on the trigger until your sights are on your target and you are ready to fire.
  One thing is for sure.  It won't go off unless someone pulls the trigger.  If it does fail mechanically and it did discharge by itself, if you followed the above rules, it will be alright.  The shot will go downrange.  Hang on to it.  Don't drop your gun.  Keep it out in front of you.  You are ultimately the one responsible for your firearm and anything that gets hit.  Be safe. 


12. A rate of fire faster than 1 round per second will end your day at the range.  No un-aimed fire allowed.
    No mag dumps.  No full auto, bump firing, bump stocks, or binary triggers. Shooting as fast as you can squeeze the trigger is definitely faster than you can control your gun.  Shooting faster than you can control is reckless and negligent.  We do not want to see you bump firing your gun.   What is bump firing?  Look it up on YouTube.  Unaimed fire is not allowed because it too is reckless.  Shooting from the hip or below your line of sight is un-aimed fire.  We will stop you, remove you from the firing line and have a word of prayer with you.  If we observe any unsafe gunhandling, we will definitely end your day here.   

13. Every round you fire must strike the berm downrange.  If your rounds leave the range, so do you!
  Bullets cannot leave our property.  When your bullets miss the berm, you will follow them.  

14. Don't shoot the targets at the 10 yard line with centerfire rifles.
The target stands are made of 3/4" rebar frame with corrugated plastic weatherproof target backing for you to staple your targets to.  Rifle ammunition is very powerful and will destroy the target stand if a bullet strikes it.  Staplers are provided for users on this range. 

15. Clean up.  Pick up your brass and put it in the brass buckets.  Dispose of your used targets in the garbage.
  When you  arrived here, hopefully you noticed something.  Someone here is working hard to keep this place up.  There is no garbage on the road coming in.   The grass is mowed and weeds cut back.  This is not a dump.  Please leave it cleaner than you found it.  If you see anything on the ground that belongs in a garbage can, please put it there.  Every effort is appreciated. 


There are brooms and sweep pans on the range for you to use.  While the range is cold and you are waiting for the light to go green, take a minute to sweep up around where you are shooting.  If you reload, take your brass with you.  If not, put it in the 5 gallon buckets behind the firing line.  We will recycle it as scrap metal or provide it to others who do reload to support the range operations here.  Please don't put it in the garbage cans. 


When you are done for the day, wait for the light to go red and the range to go cold, then please go downrange and gather your used targets from the target stands.  Chances are, the target stands you used had been cleaned off before you got there.  When they are all covered with used targets, it is hard to tell if you are placing your target on top of one used by another shooter.  This causes confusion.  There is no place for confusion on the firing line.  If you don't want to take them with you, we have several large garbage cans behind the firing line.   

16. Put away any range equipment you got out or used.  Return any borrowed range equipment to the office before you leave.
  We will happily loan you pretty much anything you need while you are here... screwdriver, hammer, spotting scope, rifle rest, etc.  Just be sure to return it to the range before you leave so others can use the equipment as well.  If you take something you borrowed from the range home, you stole it.  Stealing ain't cool.  Bring it back. 

17. Do not throw or leave any garbage on the ground.  This includes cigarette butts, cleaning patches, etc.
  Smoke them if you want, just be courteous to those around you.  Most guys leave the firing line and smoke in the area uprange out from under the covered shooting area away from other shooters.  Squish the butt out good and put them in the garbage.  Do your part to keep the firing line clean.

18. Keep children supervised and under control at all times.  Stay within arms reach of your child.
  There is no age limit for children at the range.  We will not babysit.  Do not leave them unattended in the range office.  If you brought your child with you to the range, shoot with them.  Today is a day they will probably always remember.   Make it a good memory.  The entire time they have a firearm in their hands, you should be within arms reach of that child, closely supervising what they are doing.   Never allow your child to shoot unattended.  If we see this happen, the day will be a bad memory for them because daddy got told to leave the range.

19. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.  Alcohol and guns never mix.  Anyone we suspect has been drinking will be escorted from the property and into the hands of the Pleasant Grove Police Dept.
  If we smell alcohol on you, you will not shoot here and you will meet the police on your way out.  Same goes for guys wreaking of marijuana...  Es no bueno.  Its going to suck hugely getting pulled over by the popo on your way out of Pleasant Grove, getting you car towed and guns seized in addition to a visit to the Pleasant Grove Hilton.  You would have to be pretty dang dumb to come to the FOP Range drunk or high.  F.O.P.  Google it.

20. Always treat every firearm as if it were loaded and could fire.   Never point any firearm at another person.  Respect the potential damage a firearm can do to a human.
  Guns don't kill people, people kill people... with guns.  If you shoot someone here, there is a strong likelihood that you will be prosecuted for your act of negligence.  This range is no different than any other place on the planet.  You will be held responsible for your actions.   We plan on being the best witnesses we can be.

21. Always check the condition of any firearm you handle to be sure of its loaded or unloaded condition.
  NRA rule number one.  Always treat it as if it were loaded and could fire.   Muzzle discipline. Muzzle discipline. Muzzle discipline. Muzzle discipline. 


     I hope that I have enlightened you in what to expect when you get here.  I know that the above is a tremendous amount of information for anyone to try to remember but it is all based on common sense and your safety.  Every responsible gun owner around here appreciates the fact that the above rules are enforced here.  It is a great place to enjoy your firearms.  We work hard to keep it safe for you.  Any unsafe condition or act is addressed.  You should expect nothing less from anyplace you go shoot.  If you have any questions, call us at the range.  The number is 205-744-2600.


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