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Frequently Asked Questions...

Here are answers to our most common questions.  Call if there is anything you want to know about the range, joining, shooting, reloading, gun buying, ammo availability, or something else we might can help you with, 205-744-2600.

Membership Questions

What is the difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2 memberships?

  • Tier 1 membership cost less than a Tier 2 but has a $10 per use range fee. 

  • Tier 2 has no range use fees.

What is the application fee and what is it for?

  • In 1996, the application fee to join was $50.  Still is. 

  • There are a few fees we pay associated with the Moonclerk billing system and this fee offsets our costs. 

  • Part of it is used to reward range staff who promote the business and assist patrons with information about joining.  Its a sales bonus to the guys who work here for very little. 

  • And... our $50 initiation fee is a third to half what all the other ranges are charging.    

I can't get a pistol permit.  Is a permit required for membership?

  • No individual who has a criminal conviction or has been deemed mentally defective and cannot legally possess firearms will be permitted to use the facility.

  • Possession of a valid pistol permit is the least expensive, easiest way to establish you are good to go.

  • For those who obtain a Trial Membership and basically are shooting by the day must possess a valid pistol permit.

  • Individuals who join as an Annual Member execute additional documentation establishing being able to legally possess firearms in lieu of permit possession.

When does my membership I just bought start?

  • It is valid the minute you checked out.  Range use can begin immediately. 

  • You can join using your smart phone from our parking lot and go shooting.  

  • However, range use is restricted to the use of the Main Range under some supervision until the member completes the Range Safety Orientation. 

  • Once the Range Safety Orientation is done, the member has use of the full facility.

Can I join for just a month or a time shorter than a full year?  

  • Short term membership is available as a Trial Member but you are restricted to using only the Main Range under supervision. 

  • All Single, Full, and Limited memberships are annual memberships.

  • A monthly payment system is available to spread the cost of your membership out over the whole year. 

  • Monthly membership means you are a monthly paying for your annual membership. 

  • It is not intended for use as a short term membership. 

I have moved and can no longer use my membership.  How do I cancel it?

  • Call the range office at 205-744-2600 and tell us you need to cancel.  

  • Follow that up with a written cancellation request to

  • A few days prior to your annual renewal date, you will get an email from the payment processor advising you of such.

  • If you are needing to cancel membership, please do so before your membership transaction is made. 

  • There are no refunds of membership dues for any reason, per your membership agreement.

  • There is an early termination fee of half the remaining cost of your membership if you choose to terminate before your first  year is completed. 

  • After the first year, it becomes a month to month basis and you may terminate at any time without penalty. 

I have the Full or Limited membership and want to bring my 25 year old son or daughter to shoot.  Are they included on my membership?

  • Yes.  You may bring your immediate family adult offspring to the range under your Full or Limited membership plan. 

  • They must have you with them to shoot and anyone else, brother, dad, uncle, etc. may shoot as your guest and will incur the $20 guest fee. 

  • There is no age limit for your kids...  young or old.

  • If your adult offspring wants to shoot here without you, they will need to get their own membership (and now is a great time to join with the membership drive underway and a 40% discount is available).

I joined and was only charged the application fee.  When is the rest collected by the range?

  • The application fee is the only fee collected at checkout. 

  • All dues payments are collected on the first day of the month following the date you joined.  Example: join on the 3rd, $50 is paid at checkout, use the range starting from the moment you checked out. 

  • On the 1st of the following month, the dues payment (either annual or monthly) is completed as part of a batch consisting of all the other guys who owe. 

  • The range only processes the batch on the first day of each month. 

  • If that transaction bounces for any reason, it is automatically reattempted 3 more times during the month.

  • A failed payment will automatically suspend the member until payment is made.

Range Safety Orientation Questions

What is involved in the Range Safety Orientation?

  • Once you have checked out and joined, follow that up with a call to the range to schedule your range safety orientation. 

  • We try to make those happen at off peak hours during the week as the facility is busier weekends and the Range Officer on duty may be the only one there. 

  • Once scheduled, our Senior Range Safety Officer will call you and have a conversation with you. 

  • He will cover your membership details, the range rules, range procedures such as changing ranges, checking in and out, handling firearm transfers, and answer all your questions. 

  • This takes normally 30 minutes. 

  • Once you complete the orientation, he activates your use of the full facility and guest privileges.

I just joined and want to shoot today.  Is that possible?

  • Yes... but with restrictions.

  • Until a new member completes the range safety orientation, he is restricted to using the Main Range by the office and is subject to the rules that govern conduct on that range. (execute the Trial Member range use rules acknowledgement via the smartphone app, and follow the traffic light for Hot and Cold).

I don't have time for the range safety orientation during the hours the range conducts them.  How can I complete my range safety orientation?

  • All range members are required to complete the orientation before using the member's ranges. No exceptions.

  • We contact each member with an email that details the schedule for orientations.

  • The best time to get one done is during the mornings from Monday to Thursday between 9 am and 1 pm.  Our senior range officer normally conducts the orientation and works those hours.  

  • Mornings during the week are normally less busy and he will have fewer distractions during your orientation.   

  • If he has customers in the office, he will have to put you on hold while he handles those standing in front of him.  

  • The Range Safety Orientation normally takes about half an hour during which he will go over each of the range safety rules, explain how to use the facility, and answer all your questions.

  • Other facilities conduct their safety orientations once a month and zero range use is permitted until it is completed.  We are much more flexible, and can can take care of you any of the 4 days each week our senior range officer is working.

Range Use Questions

I need to sight in my rifle and can only get to the range 30 minutes before you close.  Can I still shoot?

  • We need all range users to be signed in at least an hour before dark or closing (whichever comes first). 

  • Much of the year, its dark at closing. 

  • During summer, we are open until 6 and winter until 5. 

  • Range users need light to see holes in paper and to see brass on the ground. 

  • Range staff needs light to see to clean up and secure the facility at closing. 

  • We need everyone done and ready to leave at closing. 

  • With this in mind, no one may check into the range less than an hour before closing. 

I forgot my stapler.  Can I borrow one from the range?

  • The range does not loan staplers.

  • We used to... but members never brought them back.  We even painted them pink and they still grew legs.

  • There are 2 staplers we provide to the users of the Main Range.

  • Those staplers stay on that range and may not be removed.  

  • You may shoot your paper targets on the Main Range or come into the office and buy one.  We keep a few in stock.

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