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  • Our Main Range is open to civilians who want a safe place to shoot.

  • We often call it our "Trial Range" as it is the part of the facility that our Trial Members use.  

  • The left half the firing line is set up for handgun shooting with target stands at 10 and 25 yards. 

  • The right half is set up for long guns with target stands set up for you at 25, 50, and 100 yards. 

  • There are also rifle grade AR500 steel plates at 100 yards to bang on.   

  • The range is 50 yards wide, clean, safe, and has plenty of room. 

  • Here, the only requirements are that you be able to legally possess firearms, have a valid Pistol Permit to validate such, hae a valid ID that shows you are at least 21, and be safe while you are here. 


How does it work?

  • The big traffic light on the Main Range will remind shooters of the proper range condition...  

  • When the light is green, the range is hot.  Shooters may load guns and shoot their targets. 

  • The light stays green for 9 minutes. 

  • The light will then go yellow to give you notice that the range is about to go cold.  The light is yellow for one minute. 

  • The light then goes red and the range is cold, every one opens actions and makes their gun safe. 

  • While the light is red and the range is cold, there is no weapon handling allowed... period.  Set up your target, replace your target, or take a break until the range is hot again. 

  • The light is red for 10 minutes.  

  • It then goes green again, making the firing line

  • When the range is hot, you may handle your weapon... get it out, set it up on the rifle rest, load and shoot until the range goes cold again. 

  • This works well at other ranges around the country and will work here too.  

What does it cost to use the Main Range at the F.O.P. Range Inc.? 

  • $15 gets you a Trial Membership and there is a $10 per day use fee. 

  • Trial Membership lasts for 30 days, shoot all you want for a month.

  • Yes, it is an affordable way to use the range on a short term basis.  

  • An annual membership is much cheaper in the long run. 

  • Learn more about your membership opportunities here.

  • Yes, it is a really nice place to enjoy your firearms.

  • Yes, you can join for a year or a lifetime if you want to, but you don't have to. 

  • There are tons of people who just want to shoot their deer gun to see if the scope is still perfectly on, who just picked up a new gun and want to make sure it works, who just want to bring a family member or friend and introduce them to firearms and the sport of target shooting. 

  • You are all welcome here.

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