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Our Main Range is open to civilians who want a safe place to shoot.  Half the firing line is set up for handgun shooting at 10 and 25 yards.  The other half is set up for long guns with target stands set up for you at 25, 50, and 100 yards.  There are also steel plates at 100 yards to bang on.   The range is clean, safe, and has plenty of room.  Its 50 yards wide. This range is sorely needed in the Birmingham area.  The choices in the area for ranges for civilians who wants to shoot rifles and handguns without having to commit to an annual membership are very slim.  There are a few private gun clubs within a 30 minute drive of Birmingham but they all have annual membership requirements, a membership committee to get through, referrals from existing members required, work days required, competition participation required, NRA membership required and additional range maintenance fees after you join.  Most are full and not taking new members.  Here, the only requirements are that you be able to legally possess a handgun, have or be able to obtain a valid State of Alabama Pistol Permit, have a valid ID that shows you are at least 21 years old, and be safe while you are here.  All entrants must sign in at the range office and wear the issued range badge to show that you have signed in before entry to the Main Range.

The big traffic light on the Main Range will remind shooters of the proper range condition...   When the light is green, the range is hot.  Shooters may load up and engage their targets.  The light stays green for 9 minutes.  The light will then go yellow to give you notice that the range is about to go cold.  The light is yellow for one minute.  When the light is red, the range is cold, every one opens the action, clears their chamber, and benches their gun.  While the light is red and the range is cold, there is no weapon handling allowed... period.  Set up your target, replace your target, or take a break until the range is hot again.  The light is red for 10 minutes.  When the range is hot, you may handle your weapon... get it out, set it up on the rifle rest, load and shoot until the range goes cold again.  This works well at other ranges around the country and will work here too.  

To me, the choice is clear.  There is only range in the Birmingham area that has help when you need it, supervision, no work days, ample room to shoot at distances out to 100 yards, no annual membership requirements to be able to shoot, no membership committee to evaluate your worthiness in their club, no NRA membership requirements, ammo and targets at the best prices period, eye and ear protection, staplers, spotting scopes, rifle rests and handgun rests available, restroom facilities, a nice road to the range, fees cheaper than any other range in the area, low dues for those who want to be annual members and shoot more and pay less, open 7 days a week with long hours...   I could go on and on...

What does it cost to use the
Main Range at the F.O.P. Range Inc.?  $15 gets you a Trial Membership and there is a cheap $10 per day use fee.  Trial Membership lasts for 30 days, plenty of time to test the water. Yes, it is an affordable way to use the range on a short term basis


You can also join with an annual membership for as little as $100 and get use of the whole facility.  Yes, it is a really nice place to enjoy your firearms.  Yes, if you can legally own a gun you can shoot here.  Yes, you can join for a year or a lifetime if you want to, but you don't have to.  There are tons of people who just want to shoot their deer gun to see if the scope is still perfectly on, who just picked up a new gun and want to make sure it works, who just want to bring a family member or friend and introduce them to firearms and sport shooting.  You are all welcome here.

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