A Multi-Pass is a guest pass that members may purchase for $50 that allows them to bring any one person every time they come to the range and take them to the member's ranges.  The member may bring anyone as their guest with the Multi-Pass.  They may use the pass to bring someone different each time the come.  Members may bring additional guests but their 5 person annual guest pass will be applied to the additional guests.  After its 5 guest limit is used up, the member may still bring additional guests but they will be restricted to the Day Range and have to pay the $20 per person daily range use fee.  A Multi-Pass will pay for itself quickly. 

Firearm Transfers $20

The range has a class 1 FFL and can help you with your online gun purchases.  Any gun you buy online has to be shipped to your local FFL holder for the transfer to you.  Our fee for transfers is only $20 per gun with a maximum fee of $50 for multiples.  That means three or more transfers will only cost you $50.  We want you to make us your online gun purchase dealer.  We have the lowest transfer fee of any dealer in the area.  Take advantage of it.  Use us for your transfers.    

Sell a gun online?  Use us to ship your gun out.  We can help.

Want to sell a gun locally?  Leave it with us and we will display it for you under our consignment counter.  You set the price.  We handle the transfer to the buyer.  Range takes only 10%.  Be sure to check out the consignment counter when you come in.  The guns change in and out of there all the time.  Cool stuff often can be found there.  Everything sells.

More specials posted here all the time.

Be sure to check back here often as we will post any special sales on this page.  We do run oddball specials from time to time that those who are in the know can take advantage of.  

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