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Firearm Transfers $20

The range has a class 1 FFL and can help you with your online gun purchases.  Any gun you buy online has to be shipped to your local FFL holder for the transfer to you.  Our fee for transfers is only $20 per gun with a maximum fee of $50 for multiples.  That means three or more transfers will only cost you $50.  We want you to make us your online gun purchase dealer.  We have the lowest transfer fee of any dealer in the area.  Take advantage of it.  Use us for your transfers.    

Sell a gun online?  Use us to ship your gun out.  We can help.

Want to sell a gun locally?  Leave it with us and we will display it for you under our consignment counter.  You set the price.  We handle the transfer to the buyer.  Range takes only 10%.  Be sure to check out the consignment counter when you come in.  The guns change in and out of there all the time.  Cool stuff often can be found there.  Everything sells.


To get a gun transfer started, order and pay for the gun you want from where ever.  Call the range at 205-744-2600 and let us know you have one coming.  We need your contact info so we can call you when it gets here.  We will immediately send the selling dealer a signed copy of our FFL so he may ship the gun.  When it gets here, we log it into our records and give you a call to come get it.  You have 10 days to complete your 4473 form, get a proceed from the ATF, and pick up your gun.  Guns held at the range longer than 10 days incur a $10 per day storage fee.  We have a limited amount of space to securely store your gun and the storage fee helps us keep our safe empty.  After storage fees exceed the value of the firearm, it may be disposed of to recover our storage fee and make room in the safe.  

What if you get a deny from the ATF?  Then you have only 2 options.  Send the gun back to the seller at your expense or sell it on consignment at the range.  We can not and will not transfer it to family members.  What if you get a delay from the ATF? We may go ahead and transfer the gun to you once the 5 business days has passed if the ATF does not give you a proceed on your transaction in that time frame.  The storage fee will still apply for any firearm left in our care longer than 10 days for any reason.  

More specials posted here all the time.

Be sure to check back here often as we will post any special sales on this page.  We do run oddball specials from time to time that those who are in the know can take advantage of.