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Member's Range Safety Orientation

1.                Use of eye and ear protection is mandatory on the F.O.P. Range Inc. facility.  Steel plate shooting creates fragments that can harm your eyesight if a fragment were to hit your unprotected eyes.  Always wear your glasses.  Damage to eyesight or hearing is permanent.

2.                Conduct on the facility.  No vulgar clothing or speech is allowed on the facility.  We want to promote a family oriented environment for all to enjoy.  

3.                All ranges are “cold” ranges.  No loaded firearm handling allowed anywhere but on the range firing lines.  Clear any loaded gun you carry at the Main Range firing line before entering the office.  Reverse the process when leaving.  Better yet, leave it with the gear in your car until you have signed in to use the range.

4.                Communicate.  You must use the following verbal commands on the range firing line:

a.                Announce going hot prior to loading your firearm on the range firing line. Give those around you a chance to get their hearing protection on.

b.                Announce “clear” when finished firing and your weapon has been “made safe”. (Magazine removed, action open, no ammo in gun.) Lets those around you know you are done making noise.

c.                Announce “going down range” prior to going downrange to check, change, or reset your targets. Make sure that everyone hears and understands that you are going downrange.  There is no gun handling allowed while someone is downrange in front of the firing line.

d.                Announce “cease fire!” if you see any unsafe condition on the range.  Find a range official and report the problem.  Call the office on your cell.  205-744-2600.  We will come running.

5.                Load your firearm only at the range firing line.  Tables are provided up-range for your use but load guns only while facing targets from the firing line.  This reduces the likelihood that anyone gets swept by your muzzle.  

6.                Keep the firearm pointed downrange at all times.  Downrange is where the targets are.  Not people.

7.                Never turn around or face up-range with a loaded firearm. Its unsafe because that is where people are. 

8.                Never put your finger on the trigger until your sights are on your intended target and you are ready to shoot.  Ever heard of a negligent discharge?  Has bad liability and might be a crime.  Always be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

9.               Never allow a firearm to point at another person.  Muzzle discipline is making sure it never sweeps anyone. Be aware of where it is pointing at all times.  Respect the gun and the extreme damage it can cause.

10.             Shoot only at paper, cardboard, or the range steel targets.  No exploding targets, bottles, cans, boards or trash shooting.  Nothing that is going to create a safety hazard or a mess for us to clean up is allowed.

11.             Never shoot the steel targets on any pistol range with ammunition that exceeds 1500 feet per second.  Use standard target velocity handgun ammo only.  No heavy magnums or centerfire rifles on the Steel Range. A bounty is paid to anyone reporting someone doing so. Members are responsible for their damage. Ask Staff.

12.             Only 22 long rifle (22LR) ammo is allowed on the rimfire range.  No centerfire, 22 mag or 17 HMR ammo. Bounty also paid to those reporting violations here.

13.             Use target stands. Do not shoot at targets placed on the ground between you and the dirt berm. (creates ricochet hazard). Adjust your target so that all the rounds fired through it strike the backstop downrange. Every round you fire must strike the backstop downrange.  If your rounds exit the range, you are doing it wrong and unsafe. You shall follow.

14.             No unaimed fire allowed.  All guns must have sights. No shooting from the hip or below eye level.

15.             A speed limit of 1 round per second is enforced here.  No mag dumps.  Double taps are OK.

16.             Clean up before you leave.  Pick up and dispose of all fired cases in the brass buckets. Brass in the buckets is the property of the range; is recycled and helps pay the bills here.  Dispose of your used targets in the garbage cans.  Do not throw or leave any garbage on the ground. This includes cigarette butts, cleaning patches, ammo boxes, old targets, etc. Leave the range cleaner than you found it and in a condition you would appreciate.

17.             Return any borrowed range equipment to the office before you leave. Screwdriver, hammer, squib rod, allen wrench, rifle rest, shot timer, chronograph, etc. may be available if needed.

18.             Keep children under your control at all times.  Closely supervise their shooting.  Have them within arm’s reach and under 100% of your undivided attention while they are holding a firearm.  Don’t leave them in the range office or your vehicle unattended while you go shooting. Don’t set them up as a shooter and then go do your own thing.  Shooting with a child is exactly that, with the child. They may not understand gun safety.  

19.             Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.  Anyone we suspect has been drinking will be asked to leave the property and will be met by Pleasant Grove Police Officers at the Range Road entrance.  Same goes for marijuana.  If we smell it, you are not shooting here and you will have some explaining to do to PGPD during your car stop as you leave.

20.             Members are responsible for the actions of their guests.  Each member has had this range safety briefing and will ensure that their group conducts their target shooting safely and follows all safety rules.  Make sure each of your guests have and use eye and hearing protection.

21.             All guests must be accompanied by a member while shooting on the range.  Stay together as a group.  The member is the one responsible for their guests, what they do while here, anything they damage.  Stay with them.

If you observe any unsafe gun-handling or any unsafe condition on the range, alert the range staff immediately.  Use your cell.  Put our number in, 205-744-2600.  The time to call is immediately, not after the offender has left or when you are checking out at the office.  We will come running and take care of it immediately.  

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